Bullpow American XXL Bully Austria

est. 2009

American Bully, ABKC, EKC, UKC


Breeding The True American Bully.

Szia, I am Yasmin Hantschk. I am the founder of Bullpow Bloodline Kennels,

nice to meet you!

I’m in Magyar near Kecskemét. Here I build up a paradise for my dogs, my first

Kennelbase is in Austria near Vienna. 

My life always was surroundet by dogs. I started IPO and Obedience sports in 2006 with my Beauceron girl called Bas. After several years I met my Pitbull granny called Bella. A redrednose Pitbull, high drive working machine as you can wish for. With her I made my first experiences in the Bulltyped dogsports, just as Weightpull, Highjump, Springpole and Sprintpull.


In 2009 I started to produce one of the most sophisticated UKC American Pitbull Terriers known in whole Austria. After few years and experience in the dog world, I changed my program from the UKC Pitbull to the American Bully.
As the first American Bully breeder of Austria I set the first stone for the most qualitative American Bullies worldwide. Always pointing on health, I create one of the best athletic lionstyle typed American Bullys international. 

Here at Bullpow Bloodline Kennels I aim to produce the genuine American Bully, not a

weaker version as we usually see, our Bullies have true temperament, thick bone, are imposing, impressive, fearless dogs that will stop traffic anywhere in the world . 

Do not settle for less, get a true genuine Bullpow American Bully.

Our dogs are registered under the mothership of the Am.Bully ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club)  & EBKC (European Bully Kennel Club).

At Bullpow cutting edge technology to breed dogs are used.
Artificial Insemenations, Transcervical Insemenations, Surgical Insemenations, Semen Collection, Storing and Freezing Semen straws, shipping semen, ultrasounds and x-rays, Progesterone testing are just a few procedures that this kennel has experience in.

Careful consideration and pedigree knowledge is considered before putting a breeding together to continue producing the very best American Bullies to preserve the breed.

For any other words, Bullpow dogs will do the talking.

Just swing yourselve over the pages and enjoy.