Tsunami is the outcome of a very picky and selected combination. It took me years to get to this goal, to produce the type of Bully that was always in my mind and I am still not finished, but very close to my goal. Tsuami is a freak of nature. Build like a male, blocky like a tank and genetically muscular like a puma.

She has lots of drive, is a sensible female and on the other side a hard working girl always pleased to do the best for me. She is the only daughter of Bullpow´s Król Karhu and Bullpow´s Shirka in our program. We are more than just proud of this bape. Tsunami is HD A/A and ED free, Patella L. free, Ataxie free, DNA tested on over 180 genetical diseases and free from it, fullscissor bite, DNA tested as 100% American Bully.

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Ooooops who is this?
Yes, say Hello to Bullpow´s Apache, she is the fullsister of Bullpow´s Gaboon. With cute 16 weeks she hit the 21kg scale, she is flawless as her brother. A strong character in a strong body, thick bone, blocky chest. She is an XL female that will put plenty of XL males in the shadow. Can´t wait to hit some shows with this girl. Our breeding plans for future are breath taking, stay tuned. 

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