Yasmin is the founder of Bullpow Bloodline Kennels. In 2009 she started to produce one of the most sophisticated American Pitbull Terriers known in Austria. After few years and experience in the dog world, Yasmin changed her program from the Pitbulls to the American Bully world.  As the first American Bully breeder of Austria she set the first stone for the most qualitative American Bullys worldwide. Always pointing on health, she produced one of the best athletic lionstyle typed American Bullys international. Her dogs are seen on many shows worldwide, winning lots of pricings.

Yasmin is always focusing to give the best to her dogs. She searched  for a ground where she and her dogs are not closed. Her biggest dream was to lead her pack in freedom, far from urban people, that lost theire understanding for nature and honesty.


In the nature park Kiskunsági Nemzeti Park in Hungary she found the right place called PANNONIA RANCH. This is a huge area only for dogs, no fences border the ground. With  in- and outdoor areas for the Bullpow dogs, Yasmin fullfilled one of her biggest dreams. CHAPTER PANNONIA-PANNONIA RANCH aka MOSQUITO FARM has no any material luxus. Nature is what makes them rich.
Yasmin is owner of the Headbase in Austria Oberwaltersdorf and owner of the Pannonia Ranch.