I made plenty of wrong decisions back in the days. I made teams, chapters and worked with people that I did not know as good as a real friend or family.

After short time the faces of the people I worked with back in the days became rough reality. Instead of working and respecting the high breeding basics of Bullpow, they treated it with disrespect and tried to low down my quality that I build up with lots of love over so many years. This people smelled money, and the care of theire own dogs became very poor. One of the reasons why I broke up with them.
My fazit, never make a team, chapter or cowork with strangers that just play you a game and want your pocket.


So after this experiences I made over the years, she always been here and by my side. No matter what it was, together we always find solutions and work out the most insane things and ideas that come to our minds.
Many of you know her, many of you know how crazy she is, how bitchy she can be and how loyal this devil is. WELCOME to my nasty and sweet sister, my partner in crime: TESSA

I am more than happy, Tessa and me have no secrets. She is me and I am she.
So beware, now two bitches rumor up the Bully scene ;)