since 2009


As the FIRST and BEST Bully Kennel of Austria, Bullpow sets the first stone for the most sophisticated, sportive, muscular, blocky and lion typed American Bullys of Austria. Since 2009 Bullpow grew up to the highest levels of the American Bully Breed. Bullpow is known worldwide with theire dogs winning on each show they took part on. With a picky and selected breeding program, Bullpow has one of the best dogs worldwide. Many newcomer breeders build up theire kennel with foundation dogs of Bullpow Bloodline Kennels. 
We always controll our  breeding stock on health and character. Bullpow is not just breeding, Bullpow is a lifestyle, Bullpow is a trademark and each puppie we sell, enjoys Bullpow protection its howl lifetime.

At Bullpow we use cutting edge technology to breed our dogs. We have a close relationship with our vet, and with his help we produce the best possible litters. Artificial Insemenations, Transcervical Insemenations, Surgical Insemenations, Semen Collection, Storing and Freezing Semen straws, shipping semen, ultrasounds and x-rays, Progesterone testing are just a few procedures we have experience in.

Bullpow has been all over the world, to teach and learn, and to make theire kennel a reputable, qualitative and responsible breeding program. Over the years, Bullpow became a big name, and still Bullpows goals and plans are set on a high level.

Careful consideration and pedigree knowledge is considered before putting a breeding together to continue producing the very best American Bully's to preserve the breed.

All  dogs are overly friendly. They are raised in a family enviornment. They are not aggressive in any way towards people or other dogs.

For any other words, Bullpow dogs will do the talking. Just look and enjoy.