Welcome to the highest quality American Bully breeding kitchen of Austria.

Here you will find our planned breedings for 2020. Some of this dogs are coowned and not listed on our
website, but you will be providet with all informations needet. Dogs that are not listed on our site go also through the main healthprogram like any other Bullpow Bully used in our breeding program. Now watch and see, what breedings take your breath away. Pricings always range from consistance, bodystructure, bodymass, colour, showdog quality, sportdog quality. From time to time we have puppies for a lower amount, as family-petdog without breeding rights. We sell only dogs with pedigree that have the typical trademarks and basics in body, structure and character that Bullpow sets as high standard for the American Bully breed. 


What an insane outcross. Picky selected, perfect connected.

Click on this LINK, and enjoy the outragious pedigree.