Welcome to our Puppy&Adult for sell page.
You are interested in a Bullpow Bloodline Musclecup? Then you have first to notice and learn something about the American Bully and our regulations, before you enter our Bullpow Family.


The American Bully is a strong build and blocky dog. At the ABKC standard there are 4 types of our breed listed. 
Bullpow Bloodline Kennels exists since 2009, and we are specialised on the XL Bully type.

We reached our goal to produce one of the most stable bullys worldwide, over generations of picky selective breedings our dogs are one of the most stable and correct American Bullys, and our dogs speak for it!

Our breeders life is very worthfull, because we invest all our time and love into our dogs, so we would refer you to Google for any mainquestions about the breed, and specific questions that you can´t find you can ask us directly.
Here is one link to the main ABKC website, where you can find the standards:

guarantee, that we breed only with healthy dogs. All our dogs are health tested, Hip and Ellbows are on our main checks. Also DNA-Tested on Embark. We produce only with stable character dogs, we sozialize them on our best of knowledge. We have a youtube channel, IG and FB page, where you can see our amazing speciments: click on buttons.


 You are also kindly invited to visit us and see our dogs in real life.

On this page you find our upcoming breedings, litters, available puppies and adults that we sell from time to time.
To reserve a puppy you first have to set a deposit. The full amount of the puppy has to be fully paid with 8 weeks of the age of the puppy. If full amount is not paid at that time, your deposit will expire and it is non refundable. 

When you buy a Bullpow dog, you get a contract. This contract keeps our Bullpow dog save from violation, and with this contract any customer can be put to court when the contract topics are not taken serious.

There is no money back, no matter what case is issued on your dog.
You are responsible for the health of your dog. 


Pricings on our pupps always depend on the breeding we have. For any questions about the costs you can direct message us. All contact details you find here: CONTACT

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