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Read carefully our conditions, we breed high quality American Bullies and we will not send any Bullpow American Bully to a person that we think don’t qualify to have such an amazing breed.

Due to the high demand for our Dogs expect to be in a waiting list, but it will worth it, we breed one of the most unique American Bullies and Bloodlines in the World.

Puppy Reservation Conditions

Here is a breakdown of quotation and raising a pup up to 4 months for any Country Worldwide.

The quotation will be in Euros and Total is divided into 3 sections, Puppy Price, Booking Fee and Shipping price.

Puppy price ranges from the pick and breeding you choose. Puppy pricings you will find on this page under each puppy picture.

– Puppies will only be considered booked after receiving the Reservation Fee (30% of puppyprice)

– Client can choose to skip 1 litter with the specifications they asked.
– If client don’t buy the puppy until the second litter, booking fee will be lost.

Booking fees are not refundable.

Kennel Fees, Pedigree Application, Vaccines and Passport – All included prior to the 10 week of age, like first vaccinations, kennel fees, any normal vet certificate that we need to issue in order to send a puppy outside our kennel, however after and only after the 10 week of age extra kennel fees and vaccinations will apply : 

Kennel Fees – 50 euros per week

Second Vaccines Shot including rabbies  – 100 euros

Shipping Price – We use professional shipping companies and they ship worldwide, quotation will vary from country to country and will respect all local legal conditions, shipping is dealt directly with a shipping company, we don’t deal with shipping directly however we can help recommending one that ship all our dogs, this way all our dogs are shipped to clients in the most professional way possible.

Client should pay the booking fee as soon as he decides to reserve a puppy, the remaining amount should be paid latest at the age of 8 weeks and shipping should be paid latest 4 week before departure.

Banking Details:

Kontoinhaber – Yasmin Hantschk
IBAN – AT79 2011 1280 2315 7704


If Bank Ask For a BENEFICIARY ADDRESS – Augasse 8, 2522 Oberwaltersdorf, Austria

After reservation deposit done ill need the following :

Name & Surname:
Postal Address:
Home Address:
Contact phone number home/mobile:



American Bullies are special dogs, so please make sure you have conditions and a lot of love to give  before reserving a dog from us.

– Yasmin Hantschk


4females and 7males were born the 9th January 2022.

This litter is on a high different level, picky Bullpow selection gives us consistant American XL Bullies.
We have few spots available. Please take out the infos on each puppypicture below. For reservations please read our conditions on the top of this page.

For any other questions, please contact us. 


we have ghost tri, lilacs, Lilac tris, choco tri, choco


choco ghost tri male, 5000€


choco male, 4000€

Jarl Borg.jpg

lilac male, 4500€


lilac ghost tri male, 6000€


choco female, 5000€


choco ghost tri female, 4500€


lilac female, 4000€


ghost lilac tri, stays at Bullpow.


ghost darkchoco tri, reserved.

ghost lilac tri male, 4500€


ghost lilac tri female, stays at Bullpow.